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2020 Kensal Reuniuon  The last one.

More info to follow

July 9 (Thursday-12(Sunday) 2020

 Kyak the James River: Start NE of Kensal at Mack's bridge. About 3 hours to the West of Jim Johnson's farm for the first stop. 2nd stop at highway number 9. Third stop at th South end of Arrowood lake.

Old time dress up and meal in the field with 2 old cook cars



Kensal Museum

Sunday.  Gospel Sing Along.


Contact : Bernard Hoggarth Hoggarth.Bernard@gmail.com  218-791-6764








Committee met 1 Aug 2018

Bernard Hoggarth, Kristen Ekren, Ross Florhaug, Ryan Spitzer, Colleen Kramer, Luke Spitzer, Cassy Spitzer, and Amanda Lee.

Anyone who can help should contact us. A mailing will go out the fall of 2018






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