2020 Kensal Reuniuon  The last one.

More info to follow

Friday, July 10-Thursday to Sunday, July 12 2020

Friday: Registration at the Kensal Museum by the Golden Anniversary Class.Kyak the James River: Start NE of Kensal at Mack's bridge. About 3 hours to the West of Jim Johnson's farm for the first stop. 2nd stop at highway number 9 at the Railroad bridge. Third stop at the South end of Arrowood lake.

Sturday: Parade, Old time dress up and meal in the field with 2 old cook cars



Kensal Museum

Sunday.  Gospel Sing Along. 30 songs by different family members


Contact : Bernard Hoggarth Hoggarth.Bernard@gmail.com  218-791-6764








Committee met 1 Aug 2018

Bernard Hoggarth, Kristen Ekren, Ross Florhaug, Ryan Spitzer, Colleen Kramer, Luke Spitzer, Cassy Spitzer, and Amanda Lee.

Anyone who can help should contact us. A mailing will go out the fall of 2018






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