2020 Kensal Reuniuon  Planned as " The last one" as Kensal no longer has a Highschool. Flyer  now rescheduled to 2021


 Subject: 2020 Kensal All-School Reunion rescheduled to 2021

 We can control this disease if we are:





On May 18th, 2020 the Kensal 2020 Reunion Committee met. We had a lengthy, serious disciplined discussion and have made what we feel is a smart, but difficult, safe, and loving decision to reschedule the reunion to 2021.  The new dates are Friday, July 9th through Sunday, July 11, 2021.

 We will have the same line-up of activities as previously planned. 

If you would like your registration fee returned, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to Kristen Ekren, 799 Highway 9, Kensal, ND 58455. If we do not hear from you, we will hold your registration fee and plan to see you in 2021.

If you were hesitant to attend this year or missed the registration deadline, please continue to register until March 31, 2021 using the registration form you have already received.

 Please spread the word about the rescheduled reunion.

 No ones going to protect your health, other than you so:

 Stay safe, be smart, be disciplined and be loving.

 See you in 2021


The Reunion Committee

Posted on kensalnd.com and Facebook


Bernard Hoggarth hoggarth.bernard@gmail.com

218-791-6764 171 Pleasant street Kensal ND 58455


Registration Form        Golden Anniversary  class doing registration in the fire hall.   Listing Of 1970 Class

Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 12 2020

Friday: Registration at the Kensal Museum (the old firehall) by the Golden Anniversary Class. Lead by Clinton Hoggarth

Kyak the James River: Start NE of Kensal at Mack's bridge. About 2 hours to the Hart Bridge Culvert,  West of Jim Johnson's farm for the secondnstop. 3rd stop at highway number 9 at the Railroad bridge. Fourth stop at the South end of Arrowood lake. Click for map of the route

Saturday: Parade, Old time Farmer's meal and dressup in the field 1 pm with 2 old cook cars

Music and street dance Friday and Saturday night

Sunday.  Gospel Sing Along. 30 songs(listing) by different Kensalites

Contact : Bernard Hoggarth Hoggarth.Bernard@gmail.com  218-791-6764

Organizaion original  committee: Bernard Hoggarth, Kristen Ekren, Ross Florhaug, Ryan Spitzer, Colleen Kramer, Luke Spitzer, Cassy Spitzer, Leona Siebert, and Amanda Lee.

Anyone who can help should contact us.

flyer click for bigger view  face book link   Test video of Chris Bredahl

Click for link to a pdf with the names of 735 addresses I mailed  in January 2020.          Mailed Listing

Kensal High school class listing  1916-2005