Now -2009 Bucephalia #3 School -Letter   Coordinates(location)


1927 first class
Teachers: Francis Pitra, Mrs. Myron Forhaug, Irene Pitra

1949-Bucephalia #3 School . Francis Pitra was the teacher that year
Back Row: Laverne Mack, mostly hidden by Dorothy Haugen, Moneen (Monique) Ableidinger, Carl Mack, Ronnie Kramer
Front Row: Shirley Freeman, Bernard Hoggarth (1st grade), Marie Freeman, Judy Kramer, Keith Pitra



Dear ,


   I write you today because we may share a mutual interest in preserving the history and memories of an old rural school house known as Bucephalia Township School  #3. Many have attended these one room school houses that once dominated the educational landscape of North Dakota, however today very few still exist. We currently have an opportunity to save history and memories by preserving this great old building.
   Many former students and family members have already showed great interest in making the school a historic landmark which could be visited by all. Most importantly, the memories and heritage of our culture and families could be carried on to our children an grand children.
   I encourage your participation in preserving Bucephalia Township School #3. You can help in two ways. First, by sending a letter in support of preserving the school which could be shared with the current owners, and second by giving a cash donation. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.
   All monies raised will go directly to preserving and maintaining the school house. As you can see the building is in great need of care which will require many volunteer hours and money for materials. If we do not act quickly the school could get to the point in which it may not be able to be saved.
   Letters of support and cash donations can be sent in care of Chris Mack to the address stated above. Please make checks payable to the Preservation of Bucephalia #3.

 I also invite you to visit a website called My Hometown, Kensal, ND. The site was developed by Bernard Hoggarth with the contributions of others. I remains a work in progress and you are invited to visit the site and make your own contributions. An introduction and general information about the website is best stated by Bernard Hoggarth.

“The site is being developed as a special tribute to all those involved with this great community, with a special emphasis on the past. It will only be as good as the information submitted by the contributors (all those past and present of the Kensal community).” More information can be obtained by visiting the site or by e-mail. E-mail:

 Again, I encourage your participation in preserving the school along with the history of Kensal and the surrounding area. I thank you in advance for your help in this very worth-while project. If you have questions I invite you to contact me.



Chris Mack

Letters of support and cash donations can be sent in care of Chris Mack to the address stated above. Please make checks payable to

Chris Mack (son of Bob Mack and grandson of Carl Mack)
114 8th St. W. Williston, ND 58801      e-mail:  Phone: 701-774-9011

Coordinates (location)

 All that portion of the NE1/4 of the NE/14 of Section 11, Township 145 North,Range 64 West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Foster County, North Dakota, bounded and described by the following metes and bounds to wit: Commencing at a point reached by measuring 27 rods South along the Section line from  the NE corner of said NE1/4 as described above, thence running West 16 rods, thence running South 20 rods, thence running East 16 rods, thence running North along the Section line 20 rods to the point of beginning, being a rectangle 20 rods by 16 rods with its sides parallel to the Section lines, containing 2 acres, more or less