Rudolf Kove Family

Vieta  Esther Koves, the oldest daughter married Erwin H. Fraase. Colette Jensen is the granddaughter of Vieta and Erwin

Rudolf was a farmer and active in his community.  Married to Elizabeth Faehnrich and had 4 daughters and a son.

From:Colette great granddaughter 


Rudolph Carl Henry Koves


Birth17 Apr 1875 in Moitzefitz, Leppen, Germany


Death Apr 04, 1952 in Kensal, Stutsman County, North Dakota,  USA

1891  Age: 16  Arrival

Immigration  Great Bend, North Dakota, USA

Arrived in the USA with mother and 4 sisters and a brother. Father passed in Germany. His mothers brother Herman Friske sponsored the family and they lived in a small cabin on his land till they moved to Hankinson.


Age: 20



Hankinson, North Dakota, USA

Operated a Hotel and Livery with brother-in-law


1902 17 Jul

Age: 27


Marriage to Elizabeth Pauline Mathelida Faehnrich

Great Bend, Hankinson, North Dakota

Wedding - Zion Evangelist Church



Age: 30



Kensal, North Dakota, USA

Bought a farm 9 1/2 miles SW of Kensal.


1918 12 Sep

Age: 43


Stutsman, North Dakota

WWI Draft Registration. Described as Med height, medium build, blue eyes and dark brown hair. Crippled little finger on left hand.

1918 Sep

Age: 43


Kensal, Stutsman County, North Dakota

Served in World War I with the Kensal District. From the Stutsman County "In the World War" book.


Age: 62

Township Board

Lyon Township

Earliest records show RH Koves serving on the township board. "Century of Stories" 1983. Also listed in the Jamestown Directory 1937-1938


Age: 72


Kensal, North Dakota, USA

Served on the Board for the Kensal Methodist Church. Retire from farming they moved into town. Stutsman County Recorder 10 Apr. 1952 pg. 8

1952 4 Apr

Age: 76



Kensal, Stutsman County, North Dakota, USA

Cause of Death: Artericsclerosis prior to Cerebal Hemorrhage due to age. Member of the Methodist Church of Kensal. Served on the Church board for many years. Rev. Walter Larson presided.

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19528 Apr



Kensal Cemetery, Kensal N.D.

Eddy Funeral Home, Jamestown, N.D. Funeral to be held at the Methodist Church in Kensal, Rev. Walter Larson officiating. Pall Bearers: Paul Krubeck, Olaf Ekren, Frank Neva, Oscar Forsberg, Carroll Karn & Ferdinan Wolsky.


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