Bernard: My name is Randall Pugh, and I currently live in California, but spent my early years (1942-1948) in Kensal. When my father entered the Navy in WWII, we were living in Chicago.  My mother Helen (Young) and I then went to Kensal to stay with her parents, my grandparents, Otto and Bertha Young.

Otto and Bertha had lived in Kensal since around the turn of the century, I believe, and Otto had a grocery/butcher shop in town.  His sausages were widely known, and people from hundreds of miles away would ride the Soo line train in on Thursdays to purchase it. I witnessed much of this. Otto and Bertha had two boys, Vernon and Lester, and two girls, Helen and Arlene.

Vernon passed away recently, Lester is alive and living in Littleton, CO, Helen passed away in 2006, and Arlene is still living in Grand Forks.


That's a thumbnail update.  I have several of my and Mom's albums of pictures of that era and the people we knew.  I'd be happy to share them and my recollections with you for the Home Town site, if you're interested.


My email address is: Randy Pugh