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Kensal Public School

  New school


      old school


The school count as of today is 43. There are 18 in K-6 and 25 in 7-12th grade. Tom Tracy is the superintendent, and the principal is Matthew Lokemoen.

Bucephalia #3 School (click for link)-  Francis Pitra was the teacher that year

Bucephalia #3 School 1949
Back Row: Laverne Mack, mostly hidden by Dorothy Haugen, Moneen (Monique) Ableidinger, Carl Mack, Ronnie Kramer
Front Row: Shirley Freeman, Bernard Hoggarth (1st grade), Marie Freeman, Judy Kramer, Keith Pitra

1942-48 Irene Nogosek

One room schools
At its peak in 1927, North Dakota had 4,750 one-room school houses  that educated nearly 90 percent of the state’s students. Today, only a half dozen
remain, ghostly reminders of a more rustic and less mobile America.